"You’re a busy business owner; I get it. You know the importance of marketing and communications, but your mind is on other priorities. You’ll get to it (honest!). You’ve made the first step and arrived at my website, and that’s a brilliant start!"

Karen, Chief Communicator

So, what’s your challenge?

"I want to improve my marketing and communications activities."
"I want to support my marketing/communications assistant."
"I want to improve my communications skills."
"I want to improve my team’s communications skills."

We can help by providing practical support when you need it by fulfilling the role of a communications manager and by coaching your staff in internal and external comms. Commsbank offers two bespoke services, the bank (comms) and the vault (coaching), providing a breath of fresh air and inspiration to both your messaging and your staff.

Every business has an interesting story to tell; it’s just a matter of asking the right questions.

The Bank does what it says on the tin – it’s a bank of hours that you can call upon when you need communications support. From strategic communications planning, to marketing collateral and targeted PR – the bank provides the flexibility of an in-house communications department, without the staff overhead. We are the doers, not just the advisers, becoming part of your team to fulfil the role of Communications Manager.

A vault holds valuable assets, and your company’s most valued asset is its people.

Investing in your people is investing in your company’s future but how do you develop the people in your business as a modern workforce expects more than a pay cheque at the end of the month? Your team’s wellbeing matters, and supporting and encouraging them to develop will help them to grow. As they do, they will add value to your business in ways you might not imagine.

Meet the team

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