Three comms trends that will shape 2022

Do customers yearn for the convenience of informal conversation? Can you help people combat FOMO while increasing visibility? Do people trust strangers more than brands? Let’s investigate top trends to watch out for this year.   1. Conversational marketing Hey, you. While chatbots were so last year, we should now be looking beyond automation and...Continue reading

Hi I'm Lynsey

Hi, I’m Lynsey and I have an eagle eye

With eight years of communications experience and a creative writing master’s degree, I love nothing more than writing, proofreading and editing content. I have an eye for detail and can spot double spaces and unnecessary commas a mile off. I have supported Commsbank with freelance writing and editing since its inception and enjoy helping businesses...Continue reading

The three C’s: Communication, Coaching & Coronavirus

How have you communicated to your team throughout the Coronavirus pandemic? We have experienced change that before 2020, would have seemed unimaginable. As we start to pick apart what might happen next, effective communication has never been more important. One day we were entangled in our fast-paced modern lives. Making pack lunches while applying a...Continue reading

My name is Hannah, and I tell stories!

Hi, I’m Hannah.

My name is Hannah, and I tell stories! I don’t read from children’s books or recite fairy tales; instead, I use stories as a communications tool to connect your business with your audience. I have a BA (HONS) in Public Relations and have spent my time since graduating in communication-based roles. I’m now lucky enough...Continue reading

What is C-me?

C-Me colour profiling is a psychometric tool that facilitates understanding, engagement, and performance. By valuing colleagues’ strengths, C-Me colour profiling can help organisations to identify relevant behaviours and working styles that drive business results.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Pomodoro might sound like a breed of small dog, or pasta sauce, or a dance move… it is in fact a time management tool.   Invented in the early 1990s by developer, entrepreneur, and author Francesco Cirillo, The Pomodoro Technique was named after the tomato-shaped timer he used to track his work as a university...Continue reading

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