I love change.

Roses are red, violets are blue

I hope you don’t think I forgot about you!

Months have flown by, 2019 is here

But rest assured that I still hold you dear.

You’ve played a huge role in my journey to date

Some call it business, I call it fate!

Great work has been done, and that’s all down to you

So thank you for being a part of my ‘crew’

But now is the time, to make the next move

So CommsBank continues to grow and improve.


The last three years, for my business and I,

Have disappeared in the blink of an eye

It’s been a truly adventurous ride

And I’m grateful that you were there by my side.

But worry not, this isn’t goodbye

It’s the perfect time to clarify!

Change is afoot and it’s time for a shift

As CommsBank prepares to have a facelift!

(Yes, for the business, no, not for me

I know you’d never be that cheeky!)

Moving forward, it’s a whole new approach

As I become a communications mentor and coach

I’ll teach you the skills, I’ll work with your team

I’ll develop your confidence and self-esteem

But comms support will still be at hand

To ensure we promote and develop your brand

Practical, creative, exciting and new

I’m a communications developer just for you

So, keep your eyes peeled and prepare to attune

To our fabulous new look…COMING SOON!

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