Beginners guide to Commsbank with Lauren MacArthur

For those I haven’t met yet, hello, I’m Lauren, Commsbank’s Junior Communications Executive. I’ve been at Commsbank for just over three months now, and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Looking back on my interview when I blethered on about Colin the caterpillar and Taylor Swift, who would’ve thought I’d be here today? After getting familiar with my role, I’m glad that the new job jitters are officially behind me.  

Working remotely has been a refreshing change as it’s allowed me to achieve a better work-life balance (and drink too many cups of tea). Working from home was something I was curious about, but team calls and café trips with Hannah and Karen make the days fly by. It’s been an exciting first few months, from trips to Dundee to meet clients to paddle boarding with the team. Note to self: paddle boarding isn’t as easy as it looks…let’s just say the day ended with a splash! 

I was first drawn to this job by the unique social media posts which made Commsbank stand out from the crowd, making it appear as not just another communications consultancy. Once getting the position, I quickly realised that the posts were true to nature. Commsbank allows you to be curious and creative, finding quirky solutions for clients.  

I can feel Commsbank’s curious and creative culture rubbing off on me as I start working with our clients on new strategies. The role is diverse, and I’m always learning something new, whether it’s how to navigate through different systems or how a good cat meme is never out of style! Not only have I been able to develop my skills in marketing, but I’ve also developed my personal communication preferences through C-me colour profiling where I discovered that I am a mix of a caring green and creative yellow. 

I look forward to seeing how my role develops at Commsbank as I take on more responsibilities and get to know our clients and my colleagues better. I’m excited to learn more and develop my skills further to add value to the team! 

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