Nosey by Nature

Why? Why? Why? A question that is both popular with children and communications professionals. At Commsbank, we will never grow old of asking our clients ‘why?’, you could say we have the enthusiasm and energy of an inquisitive toddler! We are nosey by nature, and the ability to sniff out stories is a skill...

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Tip Top Start-Up Communication Tips

Plush scented candles, creative canvass bags and sourdough bread alike – there has been an array of inspiring creators turning their hobbies into a side hustle during this uncertain period. Supporting small businesses has never been more crucial; we have shared some of our tip-top tips to help your start-up communicate with confidence. Be...

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Take a Break

As Aberdeen enters lockdown 2.0, I have started to question if we are living through Groundhog Day? Every new day feels as if it has been copied and pasted from the day before. I wake up, get ready and commute through to my spare bedroom for what feels like my 1000th trip on the...

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The New Girl on Lockdown

Starting any new job is often a frenzy of excitement and nerves. What will I wear? Do I need a spare pair of tights in my handbag for the inevitable first-day snag? I didn’t think that the first weeks of my new role would consist of ensuring I have enough hand sanitiser or that...

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My name is Hannah, and I tell stories!

Hi, I’m Hannah.

My name is Hannah, and I tell stories! I don’t read from children’s books or recite fairy tales; instead, I use stories as a communications tool to connect your business with your audience. I have a BA (HONS) in Public Relations and have spent my time since graduating in communication-based roles. I’m now lucky...

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What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Pomodoro might sound like a breed of small dog, or pasta sauce, or a dance move… it is in fact a time management tool.   Invented in the early 1990s by developer, entrepreneur, and author Francesco Cirillo, The Pomodoro Technique was named after the tomato-shaped timer he used to track his work as a...

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