Do I explore the cave, or continue my journey?

 Do I explore the cave, or continue my journey? Explore the cave. Continue to page 92.   This is how I spent my childhood. Adventure books that provided a choice to make on your journey, but always ending on the same page at the end of the book. My kids enjoy the modern version of...Continue reading

Spit it out

Ideas don’t exist if you don’t attach words to them.   When you begin to put your ideas into words, you take the first step toward turning them into something meaningful and provoking change.   Just the act of staying the words out loud can make a difference. Ideas don’t exist in the brain until...Continue reading

Why your company vision and values matter!

Do you drink the same brand of coffee every morning? Fly with the same airline? Suggest the same restaurant when a visitor asks? Yes, me too. It’s surprising that with more choices available than ever before, cheaper prices in a competitive global market and reviews at our clicking fingertips, we show such brand loyalty. But...Continue reading

I love change.

Roses are red, violets are blue I hope you don’t think I forgot about you! Months have flown by, 2019 is here But rest assured that I still hold you dear. You’ve played a huge role in my journey to date Some call it business, I call it fate! Great work has been done, and...Continue reading

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