Weird, Wild & Wonderful Team Events

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to teamwork. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to make a mess of your team event. Bonding activities can range from downright weird to inherently wonderful. Managers with a wild side (or Hunger Games fascination) can easily take their team-building exercise a bit too far… and we have proof!...Continue reading

How to Effectively Communicate Change

Change is inevitable, whether it’s an annual shift in seasons or a sudden company restructure, it’s embedded in day-to-day life. While, unfortunately, we cannot control the climate, we can control the implementation of organisational change.   This means that you might be encouraging a technology-driven workforce, re-engineering a process to ensure regulatory compliance, or following...Continue reading

What is C-me?

C-Me colour profiling is a psychometric tool that facilitates understanding, engagement, and performance. By valuing colleagues’ strengths, C-Me colour profiling can help organisations to identify relevant behaviours and working styles that drive business results.

When a bot cannot

We are in the golden age of coaching. We hold our heads high as executive coaches as we explain to fewer people that we aren’t tennis coaches, we can’t help with their golf swing and would be useless at perfecting their breaststroke. Leadership teams in large organisations and solopreneurs alike understand the power of executive...Continue reading

The Disney Rule

What do Cinderella, Snow White, Moana and Elsa have in common? Absolutely nothing.   My niece told me that Disney princesses aren’t allowed to look at each other. I thought this couldn’t possibly be true, but to my dismay it might not be the ‘fake news’ I hoped for a fairy tale ending.   If...Continue reading

Choose self-compassion not self-criticism

I’m not a very kind person. Don’t worry, if we ever meet, I’ll be a little ray of sunshine to encourage, support and motivate you, but recently I’ve been asking myself why this rainbow doesn’t extend to me and I find myself under a dark cloud.   I’m not talking about depression or anxiety, just...Continue reading

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