Until very recently I thought that Snapchat was for teenage girls: pouting selfies and a running commentary of who is snogging who at school. That was until I met Chris Marr and joined his Content Marketing Academy (CMA) community. This group of like-minded content marketers from across the world use Snapchat as one of...

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“No Comment.”

What do you say and when do you say it?  Is it better to say something rather than nothing at all?  Media attention brings great opportunity or huge risk, depending on your preparation.  This week I’ve spent time with the organisers of TEDx Dundee to interview some of its sponsors ahead of the conference...

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It’s good to talk (even when the going gets tough)

Yes; it’s a cliché, but it really is good to talk.  This is especially true in times of uncertainty. The less you tell people, the more they will make up their own version of the story – which is often worse than it actually is. Did you ever play Chinese Whispers at School? According...

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