"Understanding the needs of staff will help in the big decisions ahead."

Karen, Chief Communicator

The challenge. 

Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill.

Following lockdown, staff are returning to a new business landscape. Understanding the needs of staff will help in the big decisions ahead. Staff may have worries about a range of things: social distancing measures, public transport commuting, operating safely in a field-based or office environment and other issues you may not have considered.

Supporting your staff in the workplace is not only your responsibility as an employer, it’s your moral duty. You can hope that you get it right, or you can communicate with your workforce to find out what matters to them, deliver meaningful messages and monitor engagement by analysing what the data tells you.

Now that businesses have dealt with the first crisis phase, it's important that we move into the second recovery phase in a strategic way.

The solution.

CommsbankPulse is a staff engagement framework that checks the pulse of your workplace.

We have joined forces with Smithfield Performance, specialists in measuring employee behaviour and opinion, to offer a quick data-rich survey that informs communications with staff to ensure you are providing the information they desire, not what you think they need.


We have experienced change that before 2020, would have seemed unimaginable. As we start to pick apart what might happen next, effective communication has never been more important. This level of uncertainty is overwhelming and challenging. In times of profound change, people need reassurance, support and interaction. Effectively supporting your workforce comes down to consistent and regular communications, but first you must listen to understand what matters to them.

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The Bank does what it says on the tin – it’s a bank of hours that you can call upon when you need communications support.

Strategic communications planning, marketing collateral and targeted PR – the bank provides the flexibility of an in-house communications department, without the staff overhead.


A vault is where you keep your most valuable assets. A company’s most valued asset is its people.

Mentoring, coaching and facilitation to bring out the best in your people.


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