Selection boxes and Fortnite

It’s that time of year again, the no man’s land in-between Christmas and New Year.


In my household this usually involves creating Lego masterpieces, bribing the kids to go on long dog walks and wondering at what point it becomes unacceptable to have a selection box for breakfast. This progresses to making well-intentioned good habits for the New Year; more Lego and less Fortnite and a commitment to swap the Quality Street for the Nutri-Bullet.


As Hogmanay comes and goes, days of the week reappear and that no man’s land is reclaimed by order and routine. Usually, at this stage, we discuss our hopes, dreams, and resolutions for the New Year, and before we know it we’re booking our summer holiday and looking forward to Easter eggs for breakfast.


2018 was a transformational year for me, both personally and professionally.  Seeing my wee boy off to secondary school in the summer really got me thinking.  He is making decisions that will shape his future, and even at this young stage, he is expected to have goals and aspirations. He is more aware of how other people view him. Sometimes he wants to fit in and be part of the crowd, but sometimes he wants to stand out and be admired.


Professionally, I’ve had discussions with clients about what motivates them and the choices they make. Many compare their achievements with others and look to validate their decisions based on what they think others expect them to achieve. I encourage them to think deeply about the motivations that lie behind these goals and to imagine how they might leap over any obstacles in their way.


As we head into 2019 it’s useful to remember that sometimes you will be ahead, other times you might be behind.  Success is not about keeping up with other people, it is doing your best to make the impact that means the most to you.


When I’m building Lego and feasting on selection boxes next Christmas I hope to look back on a year where I have helped other people to achieve their goals.  I’d love to hear what means the most to you and what your goals.


Happy 2019 one and all. x



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