Spit it out

Ideas don’t exist if you don’t attach words to them.


When you begin to put your ideas into words, you take the first step toward turning them into something meaningful and provoking change.


Just the act of staying the words out loud can make a difference. Ideas don’t exist in the brain until you attach words to them, and often speaking them out loud is a final hurdle in taking action and doing something new.


Religions have been doing this for centuries. Mantras, commonly used in Buddhist and Hindu practise, involve repeating a word or sound to aid concentration. It focusses the mind on this word, thus blocking out distractions.


Sales and marketing practices use persuasive techniques to achieve the desired outcome: a sale. Is this your house? Yes. Do you like milk in your tea? Yes. Isn’t it a lovely day? Yes. Would you like to buy my product? Yes. It seems a wee bit sneaky, but this technique was very popular in the 1980s!


Thinking your way to a new way of acting is enhanced by speaking the words out loud. Neurological pathways become ingrained in your brain, making your thoughts an idea with tangible outcomes.

  • Can you verbalise a different future?
  • What options can you consider to get there?
  • What hurdles might you encounter and what ways can you prepare to overcome these?
  • What will it feel like to achieve your goal?


I’d love to hear your ideas.

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