"Our clients mean the world to us and we promise to provide a breath of fresh air and inspiration to both their messaging and their staff."

Karen, Chief Communicator

“We have worked with Commsbank for a number of years. Karen understands our business and plays a strategic role in developing our messages and marketing activities. Her creative flair and business acumen is a powerful combination and we have come to rely on her ability to challenge our thoughts and support our development.”

Paul Crichton, Managing Partner, MMGA Chartered Accountants

“Karen is always looking for opportunities to enhance my product’s profile and connect me with relevant people in her network. She quickly got to grips with what my product offers and identified how to share that story in a creative and compelling way. I look forward to our continued work together as we take my product to market.”

Louise Rogers, CEO, Human Resources Intelligence

“We have worked with Karen to develop the content for our new website, and have engaged her services further to raise the company’s profile in relevant markets. She has a genuine interest to understand more about our development of recombinant metabolising enzymes and tells our story in an easy to understand way.”

Michael Voice, Director, Cypex

“As the largest funeral directors in Dundee, we sought Commsbank’s services to assist us in developing our new website. Karen has been a pleasure to work with and has a genuine curiosity for how our services make a difference to those we serve.”

Grant Speedie, Director, James Ashton & Son

“Karen was an integral part of my management team at Thorntons Investments and a breath of fresh air with her creative ideas and enthusiastic approach. Karen’s talents are obvious and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Stephen Webster, CEO, Thorntons Investments

“My coaching sessions have exceeded my expectations. They have provided clarity on my options and a chance to reflect on current frustrations and future opportunities. Before the coaching I was considering if a move to a different organisation was appropriate to feel more fulfilled. The coaching sessions opened my eyes to the opportunities which exist for me already without a major change. This has been a really valuable experience.”

Communications advisor, major energy services company

“I didn’t know what to expect before I had coaching but it has certainly exceeded my expectations. I felt unfulfilled and this affected many aspects of my life. Now, I recognise what I need to change and work on and have a clear way forward and I’m excited about my future career. Karen has a very good way of teasing things out and helped make me realise what I need to work on. In just six months I feel more confident and have a clear direction as a result of the coaching.”

Managing Director, marketing agency

“I really appreciated a different perspective to a situation that I'm stressed, nervous or overthinking about. Coaching is the independent advisor to a situation that I cannot be myself. I always thought I just lacked confidence but learning about imposter syndrome was really eye opening for me. My job requires a pace of 100 miles per hour which often leads to last minute preparation. Karen encouraged me to take a minute, analyse the situation from a different perspective and really prioritise what needs to be done.”

Communications advisor, oil and gas operator

“With Karen’s support I gained a better understanding of what my role is and managed to focus on developing my ‘worth’ by verbalising my concerns. Karen took excellent notes and was able to ask questions on areas I had forgotten we had discussed that really help to focus my mind. I now have a better understanding of who I am in my role, what I contribute to the organisation and my value as an employee. Thank you Karen!”

Team leader, private sector organisation

“Through my sessions with Karen, I have gained the confidence to drive things forward and have found it very encouraging to talk through the obstacles I face in my day-to-day role. Karen helps me to think about a situation in a different way that gives me confidence in my ability to do a great job. Coaching has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend Karen without hesitation.”

Communications manager, subsea engineering company

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