The New Girl on Lockdown

Starting any new job is often a frenzy of excitement and nerves. What will I wear? Do I need a spare pair of tights in my handbag for the inevitable first-day snag? I didn’t think that the first weeks of my new role would consist of ensuring I have enough hand sanitiser or that I would be meeting many of the clients I’ll be working with on Zoom calls.

I can now put my superhero persona of ‘H’ to the side and introduce myself to you as Hannah, the new girl on lockdown. It just so happens that as I started my new role at Commsbank, so did a worldwide pandemic. As you can imagine, it isn’t the start I had dreamt of. When I signed on the dotted line, I was raring to go and get myself out there. I soon learnt that the only place I would be going is to my makeshift desk in the kitchen. What I had pencilled in my diary as 06:00 AM starts and trips to Dundee are now spent making sure my clothes horse isn’t in view on a video conference call.

Although my first few weeks at Commsbank have been unusual, I’ve adapted quickly, and I’m embracing our new normal. As the world seems to sit still, I appreciate the extra time I’ve been given to get to grips with my new role. Something I have taken away from this experience is the importance of connection – albeit with your colleagues or your Wi-Fi! Taking the opportunity to check-in and make sure the people around you are coping is essential. I’m fortunate to have Karen as my colleague and mentor, and our regular video calls have made this process manageable.

They do say that challenges are what makes life interesting, and I don’t think I could have anticipated a more interesting start to my new job! For now, I’ll remain the new girl on lockdown, but I hope one day you will know me as Hannah the Communications Executive at Commsbank.


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