The three C’s: Communication, Coaching & Coronavirus

How have you communicated to your team throughout the Coronavirus pandemic?

We have experienced change that before 2020, would have seemed unimaginable. As we start to pick apart what might happen next, effective communication has never been more important.

One day we were entangled in our fast-paced modern lives. Making pack lunches while applying a final coat of mascara. A lengthy commute to the office. Rushing to the gym before picking up the garlic you swore you bought for tonight’s Spaghetti Bolognese. The next, we found ourselves working from the kitchen table. Only speaking to our colleagues on Zoom calls with lagging connection. Lost and confused while rapidly trying to adapt to our new normal.

This period of significant change has shown just how fragile our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world is. We can no longer predict what lies ahead, with each news briefing comes new information that is continually changing our direction. This level of uncertainty is overwhelming and challenging. In times of profound change, people need reassurance, support and interaction. Effectively supporting your workforce comes down to consistent and regular communications.

As a leader, you might find yourself taking on the biggest challenge of your career. Ensuring your workforce feels supported while making tough decisions about the future. Predictions suggest that a recession is looming and as a result, budgets will be scrutinised. Often believed to be ‘nice to have’, its not uncommon that we bid farewell to communication and development departments first to save on resources.


It’s essential that we don’t undervalue the need for communication and development professionals, particularly in the current climate. More so than ever, your workforce needs to be communicated to about the ongoing change and supported through it. If you no longer have scope to offer these roles in your organisation, what is your plan b? How will you ensure your workplace feels engaged, informed and supported?

At Commsbank, we have been supporting our clients who are navigating the winding road that is 2020. We provide practical support when you need it by fulfilling the role of a communications manager and by coaching your staff in internal and external comms.

When deciding which direction your organisation will take next, don’t forget that your people are your most valued asset. Investing in your people is investing in your company’s future. If you need communication support beyond the coronavirus pandemic, please don’t hesitate to say hello.

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